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Latest Intel processors

intel desktop processor

The latest Intel Core processors have arrived at Jurien Bay Computer Services.

Unlike new generations of the past, Intel has gone beyond the usual incremental upgrade and made significant improvements in the Intel Core range. For example previous generations of the i5 processor had four independent processing cores. The new i5 now has six independent cores, which provides a significant increase in power. It’s a bit like the difference between a four cylinder or six cylinder car.

modelpurpose7th gen8th gen
i3multi-tasking and business operations2 cores/4 threads4 cores/4 threads
i5superior performance and gaming4 cores/4 threads6 cores/6 threads
i7maximum performance and high-end gaming4 cores/4 threads6 cores/12 threads

Now building desktop computers with these processors. Call for a discuss your needs or for a free quote.