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Recovering your files could cost $3,000

If your computer dies I offer a service to recover your documents and files,  either to a USB device or directly to your new computer.
This starts  from $175, depending on the type of information that needs to be recovered.
I can recover your files after most common types of failures, but sometimes a job needs to be sent to a lab. This could cost anything from $600 to $3,000 dollars. It really depends on the type of device and how it failed.  The lab assess the device, verifies that recovery is possible and then provides a quote.
That may sound like a lot of money, but I have been asked to do recovery from failed drives that had anything from documents required for a legal battle to the only pictures of a deceased child.
What is your information worth to you?
You can buy a backup hard drive for under $100 and use that to keep your data safe. There is also a whole range of free cloud storage that you could use.  Most paid cloud storage often have built in backup options.
There really is no reason not to do it, so if you need some help setting it up let me know. Call 9652 2782 or 0418 259 389, or message me via the Facebook Page.