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Computer Support

Support services for all your technology needs. I can support you whether you have one device to manage or a whole bunch.

Computer Support

Supply, install and support computers, printers, scanning. Install and set up office software and email. Internet and networking services.

Set up home office printing and scanning$175
Set up small office printing and scanning$295
Review the performance and security of your small or home office network.$175
Set up basic backups and data archiving. Document restore process.$250
prices shown are estimates only

Computer Services

Computer running slow? Getting popups or other messages? Sometimes the applications and other software on your computer get out of whack. Could be caused by a virus or malware, or a build up of other issues. Either way, I can get to the bottom of it and get your computer back to normal again.

Complete virus check and clean. Includes removal of all computer virus, malware and other unwanted software.$175
Complete servicing of your Windows based computer, laptop or all-in-one. Fixes slow start up, common errors and gets the computer running fast again.$225
New computer or laptop setup. How you set your computer up will affect how you use it from that point on. Get the security, privacy and other settings right from the beginning.$125
Basic service to transfer of your documents, pictures and settings from your existing computer to your new one.$125
Advanced service for transfer of documents, pictures and settings from your business computer to your new one. For specific applications that required additional files and settings transferred.$275
Basic file recovery to retrieve documents or pictures from failed storage media.$125
prices shown are estimates only