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Computer in need of repair because of dust

Computers in Jurien Bay (and other nearby areas) often require repair because of all the dust in the area.
This is a heat sink, a vital component in a computer that is used to keep the main processor cool.
It works like the radiator in a car, but this is so clogged with dust that the computer overheats and turns off before even getting started.
Cleaning it out got the computer going again, but it was just lucky that no permanent damage was done. Only time will tell how this will affect its long term life.
Some symptoms of overheating are:

  1. Fan running at full speed all the time
  2. The air blowing out is hot
  3. The computer slows down
  4. The computer keeps turning itself off

You should not remove this and clean it yourself unless you know what you are doing.
It is not that expensive to clean desktop computers. Some laptops can be problematic because it may require complete disassembly to get to the heatsink.