2023 Jurien Bay Calendar


A calendar for 2023 with twelve beautiful pictures from around Jurien Bay. The jetties, the boat harbour and of course the Willie Wagtail.

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This is a calendar for 2023 featuring pictures from around Jurien Bay. Price is $49.
Calendars should be available for collection and shipping by Friday 16th December.
Order now, numbers are limited!
Here are the pictures included:
  1. North Head Sandy Cape
  2. Old Jetty
  3. Willie wagtail
  4. Jetty Sunset
  5. Boat Harbour
  6. Jetty Shelter Sunet
  7. Willie Wagtail
  8. Jurien Bay Jetty
  9. Marina Beach Dawn
  10. Jurien Jetty Evening Fishing
  11. Jurien Boat Ramp Dawn
  12. Old Jetty Dawn