2022 Dandaragan Orchid Calendar


A calendar for 2022 that contains twelve of the most beautiful native orchids found in the Shire of Dandaragan region. Also includes WA holidays, national holidays, and school holidays,

Copies still available from Jurien Bay Newsagency, Turquoise Coast Visitors Centre and Dandaragan CRC.


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This is a calendar for 2022 featuring some of the native orchids found in the Dandaragan region. Price is $39. Order now, numbers are limited!
Here are the orchids inside:
  1. Arrowsmith Pany Orchid – Diuris tinkeri
  2. Arrowsmith Spider Orchid – Caladenia crebra
  3. Blue China Orchid – Cyanicula gemmata
  4. Blushing Spider Orchid – Caladenia lorea
  5. Bronze Leek Orchid – Prasophyllum giganteum
  6. Custard Orchid – Theylmitra villosa
  7. Daddy-long-legs Spider Orchid – Caladenia longicuda ssp. borealis
  8. Lemon-scented Sun Orchid – Thelymitra antennifera
  9. Leopard Orchid – Thelymitra benthamiana
  10. Noble Spider Orchid – Caladenia nobilis
  11. Star Orchid – Thelymitra stellata
  12. Sugar Candy Orchid – Caladenia hirta ssp. hirta